"Real generosity toward the Future lies in giving to the Present."

— Albert Camus

Glyph of Infinity Diamond



The Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy (TCDC) was born in 2011 out of the collective effort of neighbors in Tubb Canyon to prevent the spread of Sahara mustard into pristine desert habitat. Because of the generous contributions of the friends, businesses and organizations listed below, TCDC is able to pursue its mission of protecting desert habitat in ways, and on a scale, only hoped for at its inception. It is with the deepest appreciation and thanks that the board of TCDC proudly recognizes the following supporters. We invite others to join us by making a donation or participating in other ways to help eradicate Sahara Mustard.

Individual Donations

$50,000 or more
Audrey Steele Burnand

$25,000 or more
Jim Dax

$10,000 or more
Ann Irwin, MD & Bill Collins
David Garmon, MD & Frank Gilman, MD
Robert Johnson
Robert Staehle & Lori Paul

$5,000 or more
Borrego Valley Endowment Fund
Susan Gilliland
Desert Protective Council

$1,000 or more
Benjamin Backus
Tom & Rose Beltran
Marshal Brecht
Cheryl Criss
Kay DiFrancesca Ph.D.
Cassandra Collins
Michele Collins
Sarwat and Adil Jafry
Dana Saxten
Jeff Irwin & Lisa Snyder
Donald and Helen Stang
David Regenhardt

$100 or more
Johann Altona
Dolph Arnicar
Brian Backus
Robert Blum & Carol Black
Bruce & Flossie Bode
Kevin Bortolin
Walter Boyce
Maris Brancheau
Rick Carron
Jim Dax
Martha Deichler
Kathy Dice
Judith Dickinson
Roland Feghali
John & Jeanne Gilman
Kate Harper
Sherri & Hayden Dubay
Linda Haddock
Marietta Kruells
Jim Neuman
Steve Ornish
Cristy Laier
Gail Laguna
David Leibert
Terry Parish
Erv Polster
Joanne Regenhardt
Jim Rule & Anna Cox
Dick Troy
Bill & Ginger Wadsworth
Anne Wermers
Felicia Zhu

Less then $100
Jim & Joyce Anderson
Susan Deering
Jan Emming
Carl & Valerie Lemke
John Evarts & Marjorie Popper
Betsy & Manfred Knaak
Terence & Mary Phillips
Jacquelyn Spacek
Sam & Astrid Webb
James & Margaret Wilson

Other Contributions

Michael Bovee
Orlando Cardosa
Jeffrey B. George
William Modesitt

Businesses & Organizations Supporting TCDC

Anza-Borrego Desert National History Association (ABDNHA)
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Anza-Borrego Foundation
Borrego Valley Inn
De Anza Country Club
De Anza True Value Hardware
Desert Protective Council
La Jolla Industries
Lounsbery Ferguson Altona & Peak
Palm Canyon Resort
The Palms at Indian Head


Please note: TCDC appreciates all its supporters. This page is updated in cycles; therefore, it may take time to process your donation before seeing it posted on this page. Where possible, TCDC is happy to provide links to organizations and businesses that support our work; however, TCDC does not necessarily endorse any goods or services provided on such websites.