Sahara Mustard

"Great works are performed
not just by strength, but
also by perseverance."

— Samuel Johnson


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Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy

TCDC Mustard Map App

Welcome to the Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy's Mustard Map App! TCDC has developed this web-based application as a means of coordinating all of the volunteers, folks like you, who are engaged in the fight to control and eventually eradicate Sahara Mustard from Borrego Valley.

Become a Desert Guardian by using this application to identify land on the Sahara Mustard Tracking Map that you will adopt and survey for Sahara Mustard infestation. It's simple to do! Log into the Mustard Map App from any smart phone or computer and follow the brief instructions. You may then clear the specified land of Sahara Mustard if and when that foreign weed appears. The size and location of the project area you will defend is entirely up to you... or your club, school or community group.

The project area you designate may be your own backyard, along a roadside, a favorite patch of wildflowers, or it may be several acres of open desert. Every mustard plant pulled, every square yard cleared, helps protect the Anza-Borrego Desert from this invading foreign weed. Use the Mustard Map App to let others see the location of your project. Information you enter will help collect accurate data about the Sahara Mustard infestation and coordinate mustard removal efforts across the region.

We hope the Borrego Valley will eventually become a patchwork of effective volunteer projects that will eradicate Sahara Mustard from our midst, thereby preserving imperiled wildflower fields and native desert habitat. For information about identifying and removing Sahara Mustard, including photos, visit the Sahara Mustard section of the TCDC website.

This is the first version of the Mustard Map App. Feel free to use the comment section in the application to let us know how it is working for you and to offer suggestions for improving this tool in the fight against Sahara Mustard. If you have any questions regarding this application or wish to discuss a special project, please contact TCDC. We will be happy to work with you!

Thank you for becoming a Desert Guardian! Working together, we can restore the Anza-Borrego Desert and develop a volunteer program that may help save other infested Southwestern deserts!

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The TCDC Mustard Map App requires HTML 5 and works best with:

If you have difficulty seeing markers and comments on this Map Application, try upgrading your browser. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact TCDC and we will attempt to assist you.